How does coaching positively impact on organizational and societal change?

This research incorporates stories and self-reflexive inquiry from a small sample of leading coach practitioners, consultants and executive leaders working with coaching in their organizations. Stout Rostron (2009) gathered  with a focus on the challenges in organizational and institutional environments, to help us understand if and how coaching has influenced organizational and societal change. Executive coaching practice far outstrips its evidence base of knowledge as coaching continues to grow as an international phenomenon. Organizations today are challenged by the complexity and swiftness of change within business, social and political environments, and leaders are expected to quickly adapt their skills and competence in volatile and often crisis-driven markets and societies (Stout Rostron, 2009:19–22).

This chapter, written by Dr Sunny Stout Rostron, features the work of LifeLab in South African and Namibia in applying peer coaching to HIV and AIDS and workplace wellness. The article (Chapter 14) can be found in Biswas-Diener, R. (Ed.) 2011. Positive Psychology as Social Change. New York: Springer.