buy Quetiapine and Seroquel The changing business and socio-political climate in South Africa, together with a global context marked by ecological degradation and globalisation, has meant that there is an increasing need for lifelong learning. This research explores how peer relationships utilise coaching skills and processes to enhance professional development in the context of these needs. This qualitative research found that peer-coaching offered unique advantages in supporting professional and personal development. Successful relationships were found to have three levels of mutuality; the exchange of expertise, rank and role in the relationship. This supported empowerment in the relationship and enabled effective experiential learning.

The research was a masters dissertation at the University of Middlesex (UK), written by Roger Maitland. The research was presented the International Coach Federation’s Research Symposium in San José, USA. An article was published by the International Coach Federation in Campone, F. & Bennett, J. (Eds.) 2005. Proceedings of the Third International Coach Federation Coach Research Symposium. Lexington: ICF.