LifeLab is a coaching consultancy that helps leaders and organizations to sustain a competitive edge through the effective management of individual, team and organizational change programmes. Founded in 2005 in Cape Town, South Africa, LifeLab has worked with clients across Sub-Saharan Africa, and in Europe and North America.

how to order Pregabalin taper We specialize in the development of adaptive expertise. Dealing effectively with increasing complexity and uncertainty, characteristic of ‘fast capitalism,’ demands more than technical expertise. Adaptive expertise is the ability to solve problems which take us beyond our current knowledge or understanding.

LifeLab is a multi-disciplinary collaboration of professional coaches and consultants that provide pioneering approaches to assist with human capital management, organizational development, sustainable development and workplace wellness. Together with our clients we have teamed up to tackle everything from tough business tasks to sensitive and far-reaching social issues that impact on everybody’s lives.