Case Studies

We custom design our services to meet the needs of your context, and work reflectively to optimise our approach along the journey.

Western Cape Blood Service

LifeLab was brought in to build cohesion between different levels of management and build a learning organisation. We started with a research phase which was used to build a more collaborative way of working in the senior leadership team. We rolled out coaching to the entire senior management level and developed the talent pipeline through 7 leadership development programmes.

The results? Not only was the disconnect between management levels resolved, but there was a shift in the organisational culture. 47% of the head of departments were promoted into their role after attending the leadership development programme.

Country: South Africa
Industry: Medical Services
Services: Coaching, Leadership Development Programme, Team Coaching
Years: 2013 – 2023


LifeLab was contracted to develop the IT team in the regional operating group to optimise team functioning and performance during a period in which there were significant pressures on the IT department. We started with team coaching with the IT senior leadership team and built a team dashboard that was rolled out across the department. The extended team was integrated to the coaching process and the dashboadr was used to monitor progress.

The results? Within 6 months of implementtaion, innovation ratings on the dashbiard improved by 14%, flexibility in work practices increased by 15% and perceptions of the team inspiring excellence in their work had increased by 16%.

Country: South Africa
Industry: Retail
Services: Team coaching
Years: 2021 – 2023

Capricorn Group

LifeLab was called in to help the Capricorn Group to develop a coaching culture to support the implementation of a new strategic agenda in the group. The project started with a research phase in which we studied the use of coaching within leadership practice in the business and built a bespoke coaching dashboard and customise the training. Leader-as-coach programmes were then rolle dout in Namibia and Botswana.

The results? The customised training resulted in an 86% satisfaction rate with the learning process, with 85% of trained leaders reporting having developed their coaching capability sufficiently to get results through the application of coaching in their team.

Country: Namibia, Botswana
Industry: Financial Services
Services: Coaching culture, research
Years: 2016 – 2018

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