buy cenforce canada Coaching cultureLifeLab, in partnership with the University of Stellenbosch Executive Development (USB-Ed), designed and implemented a coaching culture intervention for Oceana, the largest fishing company in South Africa. The intervention aimed to develop a culture of coaching, where a coaching approach “is a key aspect of how the leaders, managers, and staff engage and develop their people” (Hawkins, 2012:21.)

Kokkola The intervention began with a research project in which internal coaching practice in the organisation was studied using the repertory grid method from Personal Construct theory. The use of coaching as part of leadership and management practice was mapped and a coaching dashboard developed. An internal coach development programme was then designed using the research output, and rolled out to senior and middle managers across the organisation. This initiative has increased the focus on employee development by line managers and in some instances helped to positively shift the culture at a divisional level.

“I have worked with Roger Maitland and Brett Anderson-Terry of LifeLab for over three years on a coaching culture intervention at Oceana. Their research-based approach ensured that coaching was integrated with our business context and aligned with our organisational culture. Their Leader as Coach programme, offered together with USB-Ed, was dynamic and enhanced the ability of line managers to develop their direct reports. This has positively impacted on talent management in our business.” – Group HR Manager, Oceana