Jacques, a LifeLab Associate, is a transition coach and information management specialist. Practising coaching and mentoring since 2008, he focuses on Coaching for Change: career change, job change, lifestyle change, midlife change – to name but a few life-changing transitions. If you (individual or company) initiate the change, Coaching for Change will examine your situation and your reasons for change, explore the inner meaning of the initiative, and help to clarify the process to follow. If you are subjected to change, Coaching for Change will assess the impact it has on you, explore the potential gains and losses, and help you to deal with the ensuing process.

As an information management specialist Jacques had an extensive career in the corporate IT environment. In the course of 25 years he gained invaluable experience as project manager, project office manager and business process specialist. Since 2008 he concentrated on business intelligence: how to turn data into information into knowledge into business intelligence (business wisdom). He tracked business, project and program performances through dashboards and balanced scorecards, evaluating the outcomes in terms of their impact on stakeholder needs.

Jacques obtained an MPhil (cum laude) in Management Coaching at the University of Stellenbosch Business School, an MBA in Strategic Marketing Management through Oxford-Brookes University (UK), a BSc in Information Systems and Geology (University of Johannesburg), and a Diploma in Project Management. Over the years he facilitated numerous workshops, talks and short courses on a variety of topics such as strategic planning, project management, business process design, MS Office Suite, organisational change, quality, monitoring and evaluation, coaching, emotional intelligence, midlife dynamics, and personal development.

Jacques strongly believes that the practice of coaching offers an opportunity for sustainable change and development in South Africa. Thus he supports professional coaching as a member of COMENSA’s Research Portfolio Committee. He also volunteers his coaching services to mentors and mentees of the USB Small Business Academy.

Jacques also brands himself as an existential coach, assisting clients to find their way through the stressful but remarkable stage of midlife, rekindling meaning in work and life. Aspects of his approach were documented in a published paper, “Midlife as Change Facilitator”, which he presented at a management conference in Montreal, Canada in 2010. Furthermore, he specializes in SLOW coaching for clients whose workload, together with other life pressures, led to burnout, believing that burnout can be prevented through timely mindfulness coaching.