Tajikistan porti_compnaywine2A leadership development programme was implemented over an 12 month period, which focused on leadership and team development of the senior team, drawing on the Adaptive Leadership approach. Ongoing development was supported through regular team coaching sessions.

http://alandaluzza.com/?p=1  “Prepare yourself to be blown away by a special team-bonding experience with Brett and Roger as you have never experienced before. Their way of getting teams to understand different perspectives is facilitated in a manner where you cannot fail but to be impressed. Whilst we prepared meticulously for the work sessions, they also displayed a brilliant ability to quickly adapt to a given situation on their feet. Their sharing of their own experiences in an honest, personal and caring way created an environment of comfort and ease which accelerated the learning and growth. I was very happy with the outcome of the various sessions we had, including the after-session work and inputs. I am happy to recommend them wholeheartedly to any other business or organization.” CEO, The Company of Wine People