can you buy gabapentin online Megan, a LifeLab Associate, specializes in team leader and team coaching. “Interaction Coaching” is a process that enables team leaders and team members to gain awareness and understanding of self and others and how we interact and relate to one another. Insights and learning from this is used to develop a new sequence of interactional patterns or ways of relating that could reshape, rebuild, renew, restore individuals and teams. The benefits include better understanding in relationships, increase in self awareness and other awareness, satisfying communication and capacity to self monitor, manage and grow.

Relationships underlie and influence everything in our lives. We do not exist or operate in vacuums. Megan’s experience and educational background as a social worker (BA Social Work, University of Stellenbosch) has brought her into contact with many situations where relationships are in need of makeovers and interventions. Coming from a counseling background she has made the cross-over to coaching (Certificate in Coaching Practice, University of Stellenbosch Business School) as a medium to enhance and intervene in these interactions. Megan’s coaching is suited to team leaders, team members and teams wanting to enhance their functioning and performance.

Megan offers coaching for HIV-positive individuals assisting them to restructure their lives after testing positive and with accompanying issues such as disclosure to partners. In addition, she offers consulting services in HIV/AIDS workplace management, workplace wellness policy development and corporate social responsibility. Megan holds a Post Graduate Diploma in HIV Management in the World of Work (University of Stellenbosch) and has been involved in developing and implementing HIV workplace policies and programmes, counseling, testing, patient management and training of peer educators.

Megan has over 18 years’ experience in community social development, policy and protocol strategy formulation and implementation, as well as coaching, counselling and mediation.
In addition to managing the Community Intervention Centre in Cape Town, she also consults to some of the top companies in South Africa and networks on both grassroots and government level.