Yangshuo Pam, a Lifelab Associate, has over 18 years’ experience in Human Resources and Strategic Planning in blue chip companies (Syfrets Trust Ltd – Nedbank, SABMiller Ltd, Tiger Brands Ltd).  This includes 5 years at divisional director level. Pam holds a MBA (University of Cape Town) and a BA (Hons) (Exeter).

For the past 6 years she has been consulting and coaching.  She has completed the Certificate in Coaching at SA College of Applied Psychology.  Organisations in the private sector in which she has worked include Unilever, National Brands, Old Mutual, Parmalat South Africa and Woolworths and the GSB, WWF-SA and Tralac in the non-profit sector.

As an executive coach she provides a safe reflective space in which her clients can explore the executive agenda.  This ranges from being a sounding board for unravelling complex organisational issues, deepening existing leadership capacity and developing new competencies to raise his/her game.

Pam’s work is grounded in sound adult development, leadership development and strategic business principles that she integrates to respond to the individual executive’s coaching goals in a process that combines support and challenge.  A hallmark of her approach is making explicit the theory, purpose and meaning of practices, exercises and reading that the executive is invited to undertake. Her approach calls for a high level of client commitment to his/her personal value and growth.