Our Approach

At LifeLab, we see life as a laboratory, and our clients as personal scientists seeking progress in their endeavours. Our work is based on Personal Construct theory, considered to be the most elaborated technology of change. We combine this with Complexity theory to provide an approach to change and development, that can be quantified using scales and dashboards, and has the qualitative depth to be able to be effective in a wide range of contexts in the most complex situations. Our methodologies are evidence-based and and customized to meet the specific needs of each leader, team or organization.

buy stromectol uk Our Services

Our portfolio of coaching, consulting, training, assessment and research services are designed to develop the adaptive capacity of our clients, enabling high performance to be sustained in a complex and uncertain world.

Our services enable organizations to develop talent, build high performance teams and enhance the organizational culture. As we work, we develop the adaptive intelligence of an organization by developing its internal capacity to coach. We support organizations to increase the quality of strategic thinking, to develop human capital and to transform towards sustainability.